Training Course in Göttingen

The 3-day course was successfully carried out in the premises of BUPNET on 11th-13th of February, 2020. Overall, 22 participants took part in the course – all trainers, facilitators and multipliers that work with volunteers in volunteer-based organisations, educational institutes or local bodies. We had representatives from the World Scouting Association (WOSM), the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), the Chamber of Commerce, Industry of Cáceres, the volunteering organisation Volunteering Matters, etc.

Despite the different learning contexts – the common interest was to learn about innovative methods and techniques in terms of promoting learning and validation in volunteering with the aim to provide recognition and evidence of learning outcomes gained through volunteering. Special attention was also given to the key soft skills requested by the labour market and their link to competence acquisition through volunteering.

The training course was delivered by experts from the partner institutions in an interactive way by discussing with the participants relevant topics and how concepts like mentoring, assesment, validation and recognition of competences can be integrated in their working context. This was also practised in hands-on exercises and role plays. In addition, the participants were familiarized with the learning platform, on which all modules covered in the course are presented in detail and enriched with a variety of learning materials.

The feedback round at the end of the course was a very positive conclusion for the course.
“We got new ideas and concepts and new insights into different projects with volunteers.”
” We appreciated the opportunity for exchange and inspiration from others to make new projects with volunteers.”

The Job Bridge team was very happy with the course and would like to thank all participants for their active participation, feedback, and strong commitment.