The project is coordinated by the BUPNET, Göttingen, Germany, and will be implemented by a consortium of eight partners from seven European countries: Germany, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Italy, Spain and UK.

BUPNET –  Bildung und Projekt Netzwerk (Project and Training Network – is an adult education provider and one of the core members of REVEAL, the European research and practice network owning the validation system LEVEL5. Moreover, BUPNET will provide the consortium with the know-how in applying the LEVEL5 system to the validation of competences reached in volunteering activities. BUPNET will be in charge of the project management activities and will coordinate the validation activities.

La Ligue de l’enseignement is running several voluntary programmes (Services Civiques) and is working with volunteer organisations throughout France, including organisations such as ANIMAFAC that has developed a Skills Passport to increase the employability of their volunteers.

CATRO is a human resources consulting company based in Bulgaria, that organises training for employers and employees, is experienced in competence oriented learning and LEVEL5. They will bring the input from human resources professionals.

LLL Platform has a lot of knowledge and experience about the validation of non-formal and informal learning, and has strong links with EU policy makers and will thus be in capacity to support the policy proposals/lessons learnt from the project. It has worked on a previous project (GR-EAT) that has looked into the needs of employers for the recognition of volunteers’ competences and will build on that to provide a European perspective of the use of a competence based approach in adult education, and voluntary-based organisations delivering educational programmes.

Conference of Merit University Colleges (CCUM), founding member of EuCA, has extensive experience in developing an interdisciplinary model centred on the development of the student as a person, with a special focus on the soft skills requested by the labour market.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Caceres, run by a group of 29 entrepreneurs elected every four years by all the entrepreneurs of the province of Caceres, will bring the perspective of the employers

Vounteering Matters engages more than 30,000 volunteers and 100,000 beneficiaries every year through the 100+ volunteer projects and programmes that they develop and deliver. They offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities to meet the specificneeds of their volunteers.

blinc eG: is the umbrella organisation of a network consisting of expert organisations from 23 European member states from all educational sectors which has developed the specific LEVEL5 validation and competence oriented learning approach for competences acquired in informal and non-formal learning settings since 2005.