By providing guidelines and tools to adult education, and voluntary-based organisations, this project will enable them to implement
a competence-oriented learning approach, when dealing with volunteers.

The following activities will facilitate such processes in all partner countries:

  • In the project, a matrix of competences acquired in volunteering that translates into employability using “LEVEL5” system will be developed. Competences as “knowledge, skills and attitudes” will be clustered in three areas: social, personal and organisational. After defining specific learning outcomes, the matrix will include a catalogue of appropriate assessment methods and tools for each of them.
  • Partners will then develop guidelines on a competence-oriented learning approach in the voluntary sector that aim to provide volunteer facilitators with instructions on how to ensure the learning of volunteers is more conscious, better structured and organised, without demanding too much resources.
  • A dedicated project platform will be developed and connected to validation software issuing e-portfolios. The platform will be a sharing and learning space for facilitators and volunteers.
  • Job Bridge project partners will create and pilot a training course for volunteering organisations and adult education organisations welcoming volunteers. The training will improve facilitators’ capacities to implement competence-oriented approaches with volunteers using the Guidelines, recommendations and the platform previously developed.
  • Certification and badges will be created to attest of the competence-oriented learning, and will be integrated into the software.
  • Partners will capitalise on the overall results to produce policy recommendations and disseminate the results to as many stakeholders as possible to have a systemic impact.

All the products will be extensively piloted and will set the ground for further use and offer sustainable transferability opportunities such as training for volunteer facilitators.