By providing Guidelines and tools to adult education, and voluntary-based organisations, this project will enable them to implement
a competence-oriented learning approach, when dealing with volunteers. The following activities will facilitate such processes in all partner countries:

  • Identification, analysis & in-depth description of available competence frameworks, and the validation, assessment & evidencing solutions at the interface between formal & informal learning
  • Developing a matrix for competences acquired in volunteering
  • Guidelines for a competence oriented learning (COL) approach, developed as a rich open learning resource based on an open source eportfolio and LMS software connected with a state of the art validation software
  • Multiplier course will be developed for the partners to bring about the concept of validation and competence oriented learning to facilitators of volunteering actions
  • Certification and Labelling (badges): develop the interfaces to available passes (e.g. EUROPASS), define the quality criteria, design the labels & formats and insert the learning outcomes in certificates.
  • Designing a course for professionals in volunteering: a specific course offer and a network will be created for volunteering providers that will use the Job Bridge approach in the future.
  • Partners will capitalise on the overall results to produce policy recommendations and disseminate the results to as many stakeholders as possible to have a systemic impact. A training course offer for facilitators will be developed.